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Which way is the Right way? How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out?

Make sure it looks like half a ball, not a soup bowl with a rim. Some contact lenses also have a brand name marked, on the edge to help you. If you can read it properly, the lens is not inside out.

Contact Lenses & Allergy

Many contact lens wearers with allergies face discomfort during certain times of the year. This discomfort is due largely to allergens in the air that become adhered to contact lenses. The allergens cause miserable symptoms such as itchy, watery and swollen eyes. Here are five tips to help you through the periods of discomfort.


Decorative contact lenses tips

  • Have a detailed checkup by a eye care professional. An eye doctor will be able to perform a contact lens evaluation to make sure the lenses fit well and it is safe for you to wear them.

  • Purchase special effect contact lenses from your local eye care professional. Optometrists & ophthalmologists are licensed to dispense contact lenses and obtain them from reliable, well-recognized sources.

  • Do not purchase them at convenience stores or beauty supply stores.

  • Do not swim or sleep in decorative contact lenses.

  • Do not share or swap them with friends.

  • Always clean and disinfect your lenses before and after you wear them.

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