Common Eye Myths

“Experience of more than 200,000 eye surgeries has seen a sea of humanity smile and lead a useful life.”

Let’s separate eyesight facts from fiction. Knowing how to take good care of your eyes is the first step to protecting your sight for a lifetime.


Fact: Corrective glasses or contacts are needed to improve eyesight. However, using your eyes with or without glasses will not damage them further.
Fact: Reading in dim light can cause eye fatigue, but it will not hurt your eyes.
Fact: Carrots are high in Vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for sight. However, only a small amount is necessary for good vision.


Fact: Regular eye exams and proper safety eyewear can save your sight.


Fact: A proper eye examination should be done, whether or not there is any noticeable sign of problems.


Fact: Eyesight cannot be worn out by use. Use it as much as you want.


Fact: Children can focus up close without eyestrain better than adults can. Children develop the habit of sitting too close to the television or holding a book too close. This will not damage their eyes. This habit often disappears as the child grows older. Children who are nearsighted often sit close to the TV to see the images better. Poor vision sits close to television to magnify the images. Their eyes cannot be strained, although their eye muscles may become strained. Hence, the person should take a break from watching television for a few minutes.


Fact: Good lighting is a valuable aid to vision. It doesn’t matter if it is electric light, sunlight, or another good light source.


Fact: An eye drop that can cure refractive errors has not yet been invented. The only scientifically proven solutions for a refractive error are spectacles/ contact lenses and refractive surgery. The latter however, can be thought of only after 18 years of age.


Fact: Using computers or video display terminal will not harm your eyes. You can develop computer vision syndrome after looking at one for long periods of time.


Fact: Eyes are connected to the brain by the optic nerve; there is no way to transplant a whole eye. The optic nerve is made up of millions of nerve fibers. The nerve can’t be reconnected once it is severed. It is the cornea that has been successfully transplanted.


Fact: Wearing glasses constantly do not change your eye to create a dependence on them. The clear vision becomes so enjoyable that you do want to wear your glasses.


Facts : Children don’t outgrow crossed eyes(squint), A child with squint may develop lazy eye, which is poor vision in one eye. An ophthalmologist should examine eyes. Crossed or misaligned eyes can be straightened by using glasses, eye drops, or surgery.



Mrs Balbir Singh

Well trained courteous staff. God gifted doctor Khanna who excels in establishing a bond with the patient; has all the good qualities topped by being a very good human being. May this hospital reach greater heights!


After golden temple, Border, Third busy thing to see the discipline of your hospital.

Vikram Garg
40 AID Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K

The appreciation for this organization cannot be expressed in words. I always felt that they believe in service and not profit. Its appear as the almighty has a hand over them. Their services way of talking, treatment, administration, co-ordination, public dealing, comfort/ attitude is out of the world and exemplary. May God bless each & every one associated with this organ & may this organization grows by leaps & bounds, seeing the suavity at large.

Roshni Sachdev
112, Shakti Nagar, Amritsar

I think that Doctor’s are God. Because they give us light. If God forget to give us complete and clear vision and I think that Intralase LASIK is a very much good option for the people who have weak eyesight. I thought that why I delayed this and wasted my life suffering because of sight. I thank great doctor Ajay Khanna that I will live with my full eyesight and enjoy my life with this Doctor’s Gift.

Ashok Kathuria
PNB, Sultanwind Road, Amritsar

Today my sweet daughter Ishu Kathuria was admitted for LASIK Laser. It is commonly heard that doctors are next to God. After seeing the hospital decorum services of all staff, particularly of Dr. Ajay Khanna are highly appreciable. As per my view, Doctor’s are more than God. I pray to God for all the success of the doctors in future also. Thanks a lot.

Bhagdeep Singh Gill
Eugene, OR –97405, U.S.A.

I really like the way that how they treat the patients. The way he talks to patients and feel cozy with him. Thanks doctor.Wish you all the best in future. I hope your hospital will make a good position or place in this country.

Dr. Manon Anand
651 Basant Avenue, Amritsar

Found this institution one of the best in eye care.

Karamjit Singh
Harjeet K. Batth, Tracy, California, U.S.A.

Excellent service with respect.

Anil V Singh
I.R.S D-2, Central Revenue Colony, Lawerence Road, Amritsar.

Your is a truly a remarkable institution. The care is top class; the staff friendly and professional. I am really impressed and wish that in years to come this institution will get world recognition.

Sumeet Singh Thind
B/S Ice Factory, Roop Nagar, Gate Hakima, Amritsar

Excellent Service, 5 star facilities in every aspect.