“The cataract unit is one of the most advanced cataract unit in the world.”

Cataract Faculty

Dr. Rohit Om Parkash heads NABH certified Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute at Amritsar. Born to Dr. Om Parkash and Mrs. Ambika Om Parkash in 1963 he seems to have Ophthalmology in his blood as he happens to be the third generation into Ophthalmology. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash did his MBBS from Glancy Medical College and got the Gold Medal in Eye & ENT. He did his Masters in Ophthalmology from the same college in 1990. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash specializes in cataract which is the high-profile branch of Ophthalmology. Cataract has seen the maximum advancements in techniques, technology and results. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash is one of the earliest ones to start with phacoemulsification in India in 1995. This is the latest technique of No Injection, No Stitch & No Pad Cataract Surgery with Intra Ocular Lens Implantation. Recently, Dr. Rohit Om Parkash was the chief instructor in the instruction course “Tough Cataract Phacoemulsification – A Quest for Perfection” in the Asia Pacific Academy of Opthamology meet in Singapore. Dr. I Howard Fine from USA & Dr. Mahipal Sachdev from Delhi were the co instructors in the instruction course. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash has a different concept in “Posterior Polar Cataract Phacoemulsification”, one of the difficult cataracts to remove. This technique which was initially rejected by the Phacosurgeons received acclaim when the video of his technique got selected in the finals for the best video competition in the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthamology meet in Singapore in 2006. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash passion for disseminating knowledge is quite evident from the hundreds of ophthalmologists who have visited the institute for learning Phacoemulsification. Live surgical demonstration of surgeries in various conferences has been a regular feature by Dr. Rohit Om Parkash since 1999. The charitable wing is a brain child of Dr. Rohit Om Parkash who feels that Quality treatment should be provided to people from even the lowest of strata. Dr. Rohit Om Parkash feels money should not be the main product. Services should be the main criterion with money being a by product.
Research Paper Presentations, Articles, Lectures, Courses as Faculty & Live Surgeries
Latest Presentations
  • “Uncoding Black Cataract Micro Phacoemulsification and Simplifying PPC (Posterior Polar Cataract) Management” In the Annual Conference of IIRSI (Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society India) 29th & 30th Aug 2009, New Delhi.
  • “Nominated for the Best video presentation finalist for “PPC (Posterior Polar Cataract) Phaco: A new concept” PPC Phaco: A myth exploded APAO
  • “Comparison of longitudinal torsional emulsification with respect to nucleus removal time” At APAO (Asian Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology) 24,26th Feb 2007 at Lahore.
  • “Sever Technique of phacoemulsification” At ESCRS (European Society of Cataract of refractive Surgery) in 1997, Prague.
  • “IIRSI 2016 Mumbai” a. Keynote lecture: Decoding the enigma if separation of leathery & sticky nuclear plate in Black cataract. b. IOL scaffold in Morgagnian cataracts. c. Awarded the best team in IIRSI Mumbai OPL 2016.
  • “Best team OPL Aios 2017” Invited speaker at APAO 2017 Singapore. a. Complicated Phaco Cases: My Top 5 Pearls.1.Pearls of ppc. b. Astigmatism: Correction of Astigmatism at corneal level during phacoemulsification.
  • Runner up Video at APAO Singapore 2017
  • “IIRSI 2017 Chennai” Understanding the end point of safe phacoemulsification in argentinean a. Sign: much before the signs of pcr. b. IOL scaffold: Novel uses.
  • “IIRSI annual conference Delhi 2017” a. RAPID Technique: A technique for Soft Cataract conquest. b. IOL scaffold: Novel uses to prevent posterior capsule rupture.
  • Awarded GOLD MEDAL for the work done in ophthalmology in 22nd Aug 2008 in Mumbai at IIRIS (Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society India) silver jubilee conference.
  • IIRSI Gold medal 2018 (Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society India).
  • Best Of the best” winner in American society of cataract and refractive surgeons conference in Washington, 2018.
Chapters In Books
Recent advances in ophthalmology by Jaypee bros (under publication) Chapter 12: Phacoemulsification in White cataracts Chapter:14: small pupil phacoemulsification
  • Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology (Cataract surgery) Chapter 9: Phaco Chopping for all Cataract Conditions Chapter 52: Posterior Polar Cataract phacoemulsification: A myth exploded
  • Mastering Phaco Chop Techniques DVD Various Chopping Techniques for All Cataracts Section 2: Various phaco Chop Techniques Chapter 28: Phaco chopping for all Cataract Conditions
  • Mastering the Nucleotomy techniques in phaco (DVD2) Phacoemulsification Techniques (Dr. Rohit Om Parkash)
  • Chapter in book: Mastering phaco chop techniques by Ashok Garg Chapter 28: Phase chopping for all cataract conditions
  • Mastering the Technique of Advance Phaco Surgery (DVD2) How Small A Pupil is a small pupil? PPC Phacoemulsification, Transition to Microcoaxial with Torsional Phacoemulsification, Torsional Emulsification: A step forward.
  • Chapters in book: Mastering the techniques of advanced phaco surgery by Ashok Garg Jaypee brother’s publication 2008 Chapter 21: Torsional Phacoemulsification Chapter 22: Atraumatic Small Pupil Phacoemulsification Chapter 23: Management of Black Cataract with Phacoemulsification Chapter 24: PPC Phacoemulsification: A myth exploded
  • Video Atlas of ophthalmic Surgery (22/02/2007) Posterior Polar Cataract Phacoemulsification: A Myth Exploded Atraumatic small pupil phacoemulsification Attack the Black Cataract with Phacoemulsification Transition to Micro Coaxial Phacoemulsification Torsional Emulsification: Why it is a big step forward? Posterior Capsulorhexis: Indications & Techniques
  • Phaco-difficult situation and complication management (Tanuj Dada) 2.2 microcoaxial phacoemulsification Hard Cataract Posterior Capsulorhexis Posterior Polar cataract Phacoemulsification Small Pupil Torsional Phacoemulsification
Latest Journal Publications
  • Rohit Om Parkash, Shruti Mahajan, Tushya Om Parkash, Vittal Nayak. Intraocular lens scaffold technique to prevent posterior capsule rupture in cases of Morgagnian cataract. Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. 2017; 43(1): 8–11.
  • Rohit Om Parkash, Shruti Mahajan, Vinod Biala, Tushya Om Parkash, Alhaj F Tasneem. Flap motility as a sign of posterior capsule rupture in peripherally extended anterior capsular tears. Clinical Ophthalmology. 2017, 11:1445-1451 Published Date: 8 August 2017.
  • Rohit Om Parkash, Shruti Mahajan. Phacoemulsification in Morgagnian Cataracts. Journal of Bombay Ophthalmologists’s association.2017 March; 21(3): 56-64.
  • Modified 30G needle Trypan Blue staining technique under – air for a uniform and consistent anterior capsule staining. Journal: Clinical Ophthalmology Published Date:
Instruction Courses
  • Chief instructor “White House: Learning the rules of white cataract phacoemulsification: AIOS 2015 Kolkatta, India
  • Chief instructor “Tough cataract, Small Pupil, PPC, Hard cataract: A quest for a perfect surgery”i:APAO 2006, Singapore
  • Co instructor in instruction course “Breaking the formation of the deadliest of all complex cataracts with new innovative techniques”: APAO Singapore 2017
Live Surgeries
  • Annual Conference of Punjab Ophthalmological Society (Bathinda)
  • Annual Conference of North Zone Ophthalmological Society (Patiala)
  • Annual Conference of Intra Ocular Implant & Refractive Society of India. (Chennai 2008)
  • Annual Conference of Intra Ocular Implant & Refractive Society of India. (Delhi) Sept-2009
  • Annual Conference of Kashmir Ophthalmological Society (Srinagar)


Mrs Balbir Singh

Well trained courteous staff. God gifted doctor Khanna who excels in establishing a bond with the patient; has all the good qualities topped by being a very good human being. May this hospital reach greater heights!


After golden temple, Border, Third busy thing to see the discipline of your hospital.

Vikram Garg
40 AID Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K

The appreciation for this organization cannot be expressed in words. I always felt that they believe in service and not profit. Its appear as the almighty has a hand over them. Their services way of talking, treatment, administration, co-ordination, public dealing, comfort/ attitude is out of the world and exemplary. May God bless each & every one associated with this organ & may this organization grows by leaps & bounds, seeing the suavity at large.

Roshni Sachdev
112, Shakti Nagar, Amritsar

I think that Doctor’s are God. Because they give us light. If God forget to give us complete and clear vision and I think that Intralase LASIK is a very much good option for the people who have weak eyesight. I thought that why I delayed this and wasted my life suffering because of sight. I thank great doctor Ajay Khanna that I will live with my full eyesight and enjoy my life with this Doctor’s Gift.

Ashok Kathuria
PNB, Sultanwind Road, Amritsar

Today my sweet daughter Ishu Kathuria was admitted for LASIK Laser. It is commonly heard that doctors are next to God. After seeing the hospital decorum services of all staff, particularly of Dr. Ajay Khanna are highly appreciable. As per my view, Doctor’s are more than God. I pray to God for all the success of the doctors in future also. Thanks a lot.

Bhagdeep Singh Gill
Eugene, OR –97405, U.S.A.

I really like the way that how they treat the patients. The way he talks to patients and feel cozy with him. Thanks doctor.Wish you all the best in future. I hope your hospital will make a good position or place in this country.

Dr. Manon Anand
651 Basant Avenue, Amritsar

Found this institution one of the best in eye care.

Karamjit Singh
Harjeet K. Batth, Tracy, California, U.S.A.

Excellent service with respect.

Anil V Singh
I.R.S D-2, Central Revenue Colony, Lawerence Road, Amritsar.

Your is a truly a remarkable institution. The care is top class; the staff friendly and professional. I am really impressed and wish that in years to come this institution will get world recognition.

Sumeet Singh Thind
B/S Ice Factory, Roop Nagar, Gate Hakima, Amritsar

Excellent Service, 5 star facilities in every aspect.