Our Journey

“State-of-the-art operation theatres with viewers gallery wherein the patients attendents view the surgeries”

As a professor of Ophthalmology Dr. Om Parkash, the founder, took premature retirement with only talent and goodwill to bank upon. Dr. Om Parkash was the second generation into Ophthalmology.

As a professor of Ophthalmology Dr. Om Parkash, the founder, took premature retirement with only talent and goodwill to bank upon. Dr. Om Parkash was the second generation into Ophthalmology.

Dr. Tulsi Das, whose nephew was Dr. Om Parkash, was the leading Ophthalmologist in the free India. He was conferred upon with national honors by the President of India with PADAM BHUSHAN. Dr. Tulsi Das was the DIRECTOR FOUNDER of PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Dr. Om Parkash Satyam Netralaya started with a rented building in 1968. It has grown in leaps and bounds keeping pace with the expectations to provide par excellent comprehensive diverse eye care to people from all over the world.

The present set up since 1983 has been great and rapid developments in the different sub specialties of ophthalmology with the Netralaya keeping pace and acting as torch bearer in many Ophthalmologic developments.

The belief lies in providing state-of- the-art equipment and facilities, adopting latest proven technologies and methods for total eye care. We believe in equal focus on the eyes as well as the patient. Patient’s complete satisfaction and well-being through the total involvement of the hospital staff at all the level is what we aim for. We are striving to continually improve our systems, processes and methods of delivery of eye care.

Prof. Dr. Om Parkash, the founder, had to his credit more than 1, 90,000 eye surgeries.

In the early days of Intra Ocular Lens Implantation there were two schools of thoughts. One school of thought in India believed in Anterior Chamber/Iris claw Intra Ocular Lens Implantation where as Dr. Om Parkash had the vision of believing & implanting the Intra Ocular Lens in the Posterior Chamber In the Bag.

How true and perfect was the clinical acumen of this pioneer of “POSTERIOR CHAMBER IN THE BAG IOL IMPLANTATION”? It is because almost all ophthalmologists use this technique nowadays. Dr. Om Parkash left for his heavenly abode on Dec. 21st 1985.

Dr. Rohit Om Parkash who is the third generation into ophthalmology heads the cataract unit. The Cataract unit is one of the most advanced in the world. Dr. Rohit is one of the earliest ones in 1995 to start with phacoemulsification, the latest technique for Cataract removal.

Dr. Om Parkash Satyam Netralaya is the only institution in North India which is using the latest technology of the “TORSIONAL EMULSIFICATION” employing 2.2mm incision micro coaxial technique with IQ Intra Ocular Lens {IOL} / RESTOR multifocal IOL implantation. This is possible because of the installation of INFINITI VISION SYSTEM, which is the most advanced Phacoemulsification unit in the world for cataract surgery. Torsional Emulsification is a much safer & efficient technique than the traditional phacoemulsification technique.

Dr. Rohit Om Parkash is the convener of the ‘THE PHOENIX PHACOSURGEONS CLUB’ which is the exclusive group of cataract surgeons in the world who have to their credit documented 30,000 phacosurgeries performed by an individual.

Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute has completed 22 years in Refractive Surgeries. This institute was the first in the country to use for laser correction of specs, the state-of-the-art, Customized Lasik using NAVEX Quest -NIDEK CX III with Pentacam and OPD Scan.

Dr. Ajay Khanna who heads the Refractive Surgery & Vitreo Retinal Services has been performing Laser correction for specs since 1997. This exclusive facility provides personalized approach in the form of C LASIK. This FDA approved procedure now has wider applications for treating all types of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia & astigmatism.

This institute has been the earlier ones in the country to start with Thin Flap Lasik to treat patients with high myopia & thin corneas.

The Institute has grown in leaps and bounds. It has 6 Ophthalmologists with 11 Optometrists. Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute is the only institute in the region which has a full fledged OPTOMETRIST department with 11 fully qualified Optometrists trained from the premium institutes. This department looks after the basic ophthalmologic needs of the community.

Experience of more than 225,000 eye surgeries has seen a sea of humanity smile and lead a useful life. More than 50,000 Phaco surgeries for cataract by the no stitch no pad no injection by present C.E.O has given a new dimension to the cataract surgery.

The crowning glory has been that the faculty members have been internationally acclaimed by the Ophthalmic fraternity teaching ophthalmologists from around the globe. Live Surgical demonstration by the faculty members has given the learning Ophthalmologists a greater insight into the finer nuances of the surgical procedures.The seven star infrastructures have helped the institute evolved to rosy heights. The enviable staffs with excellent patient care has been the final frontier in the institute build up.

At Dr. Om Parkash Satyam Netralaya we offer a range of services from basic refraction to the latest innovations in ophthalmology. Under one roof you can expect management of all the eye disorders.
The Vitreo Retinal Unit, functional since 1970, is totally geared up with top of the line equipments like OCT, DIGITAL FUNDUS CAMERA, LASERS & advanced Micro surgical techniques.

It was a matter of pride for the country when Dr. Ajay was invited as a guest speaker to the TUENBINGEN UNIVERSITY, Germany in January, 2005 where his concepts on management of Diabetic eye related problems “RECENT TRENDS IN TREATING DIABETIC MACULAR OEDEMA” were widely acclaimed.

The Netralaya has another first to its credit. Earlier the patients in the region requiring customized artificial implants had to go all the way to Delhi/Aligarh. Now this facility has been started in the Netralaya.

To complete the institutional identity the Netralaya has the ultimate facilities for diagnosis & treatment of Glaucoma, all types of Squints including vertical ones and managing everything related to Oculoplasty & cosmetic eye problems.

Dr. Om Parkash EYE Institute has been the destination for hundreds of Ophthalmologists to learn the finer aspects in different sub specialties of Ophthalmology Continuing the tradition set up by Dr. Om Parkash, the Netralaya has a full fledged Mobile wing where charitable work is being organized. Leprosy patients from all over the country are given free treatment for all their eye related problems. Patients from all walks get treatment in the Netralaya. Nobody is refused treatment because of financial constraints.


Mrs Balbir Singh

Well trained courteous staff. God gifted doctor Khanna who excels in establishing a bond with the patient; has all the good qualities topped by being a very good human being. May this hospital reach greater heights!


After golden temple, Border, Third busy thing to see the discipline of your hospital.

Vikram Garg
40 AID Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K

The appreciation for this organization cannot be expressed in words. I always felt that they believe in service and not profit. Its appear as the almighty has a hand over them. Their services way of talking, treatment, administration, co-ordination, public dealing, comfort/ attitude is out of the world and exemplary. May God bless each & every one associated with this organ & may this organization grows by leaps & bounds, seeing the suavity at large.

Roshni Sachdev
112, Shakti Nagar, Amritsar

I think that Doctor’s are God. Because they give us light. If God forget to give us complete and clear vision and I think that Intralase LASIK is a very much good option for the people who have weak eyesight. I thought that why I delayed this and wasted my life suffering because of sight. I thank great doctor Ajay Khanna that I will live with my full eyesight and enjoy my life with this Doctor’s Gift.

Ashok Kathuria
PNB, Sultanwind Road, Amritsar

Today my sweet daughter Ishu Kathuria was admitted for LASIK Laser. It is commonly heard that doctors are next to God. After seeing the hospital decorum services of all staff, particularly of Dr. Ajay Khanna are highly appreciable. As per my view, Doctor’s are more than God. I pray to God for all the success of the doctors in future also. Thanks a lot.

Bhagdeep Singh Gill
Eugene, OR –97405, U.S.A.

I really like the way that how they treat the patients. The way he talks to patients and feel cozy with him. Thanks doctor.Wish you all the best in future. I hope your hospital will make a good position or place in this country.

Dr. Manon Anand
651 Basant Avenue, Amritsar

Found this institution one of the best in eye care.

Karamjit Singh
Harjeet K. Batth, Tracy, California, U.S.A.

Excellent service with respect.

Anil V Singh
I.R.S D-2, Central Revenue Colony, Lawerence Road, Amritsar.

Your is a truly a remarkable institution. The care is top class; the staff friendly and professional. I am really impressed and wish that in years to come this institution will get world recognition.

Sumeet Singh Thind
B/S Ice Factory, Roop Nagar, Gate Hakima, Amritsar

Excellent Service, 5 star facilities in every aspect.