“The cataract unit is one of the most advanced cataract unit in the world.”

Cataract technique


Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute has always been the torchbearer for established techniques. In early 1980s, Dr. Om Parkash, the founder, was one of the pioneers of Posterior chamber “In the Bag” Intra Ocular Lens Implantation in the country.

Phacoemulsification is the technique, which is being used for more than a decade. The cataract procedure and its techniques have evolved dramatically improving vision in up to 99% of cases and saving millions from cataract-induced blindness.




No injection, no stitch & no pad Phacoemulsification Cataract Treatment with Premium Intra Ocular Lens {IOL} implantation is the technique, which is being used.


The institute is the second in Asia in 2013 to use Robotic technique with Lensx Laser for cataract surgery. The institute uses premiumIOLs like Symfony IOL, Restor Multifocal IOL and Toric IOLs Implantation.

Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute is one of the first institute in South Asia to employ 2.2mm incision {using ULTRA SLEEVE} micro coaxial technique with the latest “Torsional Emulsification” with IQ Acrysof Intra Ocular Lens {IOL} / Restor Multifocal IOL implantation. Cataract Treatment with phacoemulsification is performed on an outpatient basis under topical or regional anesthesia. Paracaine eye drops are used to numb the eye.No injection is given to numb the eye.. The patients can see and move their eyes after surgery. Topical anesthesia has innumerable advantages.


A small incision 2.2 mm or 2.8mm , incision is made. Special microsurgical instruments are used to break up and suck the lens fragments from the eye (phacoemulsification). The back portion of the lens capsule is left in place and polished for clarity.


A small foldable intraocular lens is inserted through the wound and unfolded in place of the natural lens. The incision is self-sealing so that no stitches are needed. The no stitch incision is used because it can seal itself after Cataract Treatment without stitches, which allows the eye to heal more naturally and with greater symmetry.

The phacoemulsification technique is carried out as an outpatient procedure in stress free environment. The patients are informed about the details of the procedure. This helps in making the patient more comfortable. The patient is encouraged to bring the friends & relatives so that the apprehensions get allayed.

  • There are no risks which are sometimes associated with regional anesthesia.
  • There is improved vision almost immediately after surgery.
  • This type of anaesthesia is most helpful to cataract patients with sight in only one eye.

The surgical experience & the recovery becomes a better experience. The attendants of the patients are witness to the details of the procedure from the viewers’ gallery. In addition, they have a similar view of the eye as the surgeon has as they are able to watch on the LCD monitor. The state-of-the-art surgical methods allow people to return home shortly after the procedure to continue with their regular routines.

The total stay in the Institute is for 2-5 hours.