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Unlock Clear Vision with Advanced 100% Blade-Free LASIK at Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute

Welcome to Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute, where clear vision meets cutting-edge technology. Our 27 years of expertise in refractive surgery, coupled with the latest advancements, ensure a transformative LASIK experience for our patients.

LASIK Technique: Precision Redefined

 Embark on a journey to spectacle-free vision with our 100% Blade- Free LASIK using Intralase for I-LASIK. NASA-approved for astronauts, Intralase for flap making ensures unparalleled accuracy. The Visumax 500, another tool at our disposal, is also US FDA approved, providing tremendous precision for flawless results.

Surgical Correction for Spectacles LASIK: Elevating Vision Quality

Our preferred technique for spectacle removal is Blade-Free LASIK with TopoGuided Treatment (Contoura Vision). This technique goes beyond standard LASIK, offering high-quality vision with advantages like enhanced contrast sensitivity and improved image quality.

In our commitment to innovation, we were among the first in the country to introduce Thin Flap LASIK for high myopia and thin corneas. Additionally, our team pioneered LASIK for Presbyopia, extending vision correction for near vision. With this array of treatment options, achieving clear vision without spectacles becomes possible for almost every refractive error.

Procedure Details: A Stress-Free Experience 
  • Patient Convenience: LASIK is an outpatient procedure with no injection, stitch, pad, or bandage contact lens required.
  • Pre-operative Evaluation: Detailed evaluations and explanations ensure patients are well-informed before the
  • Comfortable Environment: LASIK is performed in a stress- free environment with a music system in the operating theater for a pleasant experience.
  • Numbing Eye Drops: Before the procedure, the patient’s face is washed, and numbing eye drops are administered for
  • Innovative Flap Creation: The Intralase FS or Visumax 500 creates a flap on the cornea, allowing for precise shaping based on the patient’s refractive error.
  • Quick and Effective: With both eyes usually completed in about 20 minutes, patients experience improved focus
  • Minimal Discomfort: Post-procedure, patients may experience some watering, pain, and irritation for 3-4 hours, after which clear vision emerges.
Experience That Speaks Volumes: 
  • 27 Years of Excellence: Om Parkash Eye Institute has been a leader in refractive surgery for 27 years,          installing the Excimer Laser in 1997.
  • Pioneers of Customized LASIK: We were the first in the country to use Customized LASIK with NAVEX Quest – NIDEK CX III, setting a benchmark for laser correction of spectacles.
  • Wide Applications: FDA-approved, our LASIK procedure is versatile, effectively treating myopia, hyperopia, and
  • Live Surgical Demonstrations: Our team has provided live surgical demonstrations, offering a unique perspective to learning ophthalmologists.
Meet Our Expert Team:
  • Ajay Khanna
  • Tushya Om Parkash
  • Preeti Bhagat
  • Meena Kumari
  • Trupti Sharma

At Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute, we blend expertise with innovation to bring you a LASIK experience that transcends expectations.

Unleash the potential of clear vision without spectacles with our state-of-the-art LASIK procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - LASIK at Dr. Om Parkash Eye Institute

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, is a surgical procedure that uses a laser to reshape the cornea, correcting refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism

LASIK is considered safe, and our institute boasts a successful track record with thousands of procedures performed over 27 years.

Blade-Free LASIK, using technologies like Intralase and Visumax, eliminates the need for a traditional blade, providing enhanced precision and safety.

A comprehensive eye examination will determine your candidacy for LASIK. Factors such as refractive errors, corneal health, and overall eye health are considered.

  • LASIK is a relatively painless procedure. Patients may experience some discomfort for a few hours post-surgery, and the recovery time is typically quick, with improved vision in a few days.
  • Yes, LASIK for Presbyopia is available at our institute, providing vision correction for near vision. The suitability is assessed based on individual eye health and needs.

In a clinical survey of LASIK patients who had their corneal flaps created using a microkeratome in one eye and the IntraLase Method in the other, the vision in the IntraLase-treated eye was preferred 3-to-1 (among those who stated a preference.

LASIK is generally suitable for adults. Age considerations will be discussed during the evaluation to determine the most appropriate vision correction method.

TopoGuided Treatment provides advantages such as better contrast sensitivity and improved image quality, contributing to higher quality vision post-LASIK.

LASIK for both eyes usually takes about 20 minutes. Both eyes can be done simultaneously for patient convenience.

Yes, our institute offers Thin Flap LASIK, specifically designed for patients with high myopia and thin corneas.

Our team can provide information on financing options. Insurance coverage for LASIK varies, and we will guide you through the financial aspects during the consultation.

Music is played in the LASIK operating theater to create a pleasant experience for the patient. Patients are encouraged to bring their own music if they prefer

In some cases, LASIK enhancements may be possible if there are changes in vision over time. Our team will discuss the options during follow-up appointments.

While most activities can be resumed shortly after LASIK, certain precautions may be advised to ensure optimal healing. Strenuous activities may be limited initially.

Many patients experience improved vision within a few days after LASIK. Post-operative care instructions will be provided, including guidelines for eye care and follow-up

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