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Squint and orthoptics department matter Squint or cross eyes commonly known as ‘bhengapan’ is a common entity that can present in any age group. Besides the cosmetic stigma the person feels due to squint it can hamper the visual development. Squint develops when the eye muscles lose their coordination to work together. This can happen due to many reasons as weakness-and overaction of one muscle, refractive error, trauma or poor vision due to retinal problem and cataract.

Treatment depends on the cause of squint. First and most important is an early eye checkup as one should not wait for the child to grow up to start treatment. Precious time is lost in waiting and restoration of vision is not complete if treatment is delayed. Treatment can be in form of glasses, exercises on machines, prisms, Botox injections or surgery. Timely intervention can treat squint completely. Lazy eye or amblyopia can occur due to squint or refractive error. It needs an early treatment for visual recovery.

At our institute, we have a fully equipped department with trained orthopticians who take care of the pediatric age group with personal attention. Exercises are scheduled for every child in the hospital and given for home also. We have a full spectrum of treatment available for all types of squints with very good results.

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